Nail remover Constance Carroll acetonowy Bubble Gum 5.07 fl. oz.

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Acetone nail polish remover contains vitamins E, A, F and pro-vitamin B5

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Good looking nails are not only about the right colour, shine or gloss. First of all, nails must be healthy. Their natural appearance and shape is the most important asset and forms the greatest value. Even a very successful stylization will not look good if the nail plate or cuticles are not fully healthy. Maintaining healthy nails is not a difficult task. A few key elements which you need to remember, and the nails of every woman will look really impressive and healthy. First of all, you cannot destroy your nail. The prolonged contact with water, household chemicals, detergents negatively affect their appearance. The use of protective gloves is sufficient, preventive and counteractive. Unfortunately, household detergents are not the only element and factor that negatively affects our nails. Constance Carroll nail conditioners are a very effective way to neat and healthy looking nails. Nail regeneration has never been so easy and fast. Constance Carroll conditioners have a healing effect on the nail plate and cuticles due to specially selected nutrients that maximize the effect and provide 100% safety in their use. Constance Carroll nail conditioners are a product that we must have in our cosmetic bag. Nail polish manufacturers, nail styling salons compete in creating new colours, new designs. Our desire to have beautiful nails is getting stronger. Unfortunately, nobody will take care of our nails better than we do. That's why, without proper home care, our nails will not cope with our energy, passion and character. It is a good idea to use Constance Carroll nail conditioners regularly and choose the most suitable products for you. Simple and home made nail protection methods are the most effective and, additionally, the least invasive. Take care of your nails in an easy and practical way with Constance Carroll conditioners.

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