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Constance Carroll PRO Hybrid TOP Matt Finish Sealer 0,5 fl. oz.

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The MATT FINISH / SEALER top hybrid coat leaves a mat finish, creates a hard, strengthening and protective outer layer. It can also be used instead of a matte gel top coat on gel or acrylic nails. This nail polish makes it possible to create interesting patterns and beautiful stylizations.

Application: apply MATT FINISH SEALER to COLOUR GEL, earlier cured with a lamp. Cure with a lamp.

Curing time: UV 36W- 2 min/LED 48W-1 min.

Longevity: up to 4 weeks

Capacity: 0,5 fl. oz.

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Many elements influence the effect of freshness and a well-performed stylization. The last and most characteristic element of creating beautiful-looking nails is the hybrid top coat. The use of the right top coat is crucial. It affects the quality of stylization, longevity and the appropriate effect in the form of "freshly- looking" style for a long time.

Proper care of the nails during application is the foundation for good and long-lasting nail styling in hybrid technology. Our hybrid BASE COAT, ULTRA STRONG, FLEXI COAT, SOFT COAT base coats provide a trustworthy quality, longevity and guarantee of an appropriate and surprising final result. Our products will ensure long- lasting effect and will not negatively affect the nail plate. All our cosmetics have the appropriate certificates and validations.

The Constance Carroll PRO hybrid nail polish is a unique product that tempts all women with their longevity and a diverse palette of over 120 colours and amazing shades. Our products allow to maintain the proper and healthy look of the nail for up to 4 weeks.

If you want nail design you make to look really amazing and timeless, try our PRO line products. With our Constance Carroll PRO line you are limited only by your ingenuity and artistic sense.

No matter which styling you want to make, the Constance Carroll PRO hybrid nail polish will perform very well in your everyday work. With our products, you will perform amazing nail art. From seasonal, occasional, to fruity and citrus nails with beautiful colour richness and great possibilities. You can also prepare more classic and subdued stylizations that will satisfy the most demanding consumer.

Some of the main features of the Constance Carroll PRO COLOUR GEL hybrid nail polishes:

Bottle in the colour of hybrid- such a simple procedure allows you to select the right shade for the right design and the final effect in a very quick and easy way without having to open the bottle. The colour of the packaging reflects the colour on the nail.

Capacities- our products are intended for professionals

The colour number- on each cap there is the colour number adjusted to the appropriate tint from the palette, which will make it even easier to recognize the shade.

Brush- the appropriate thickness and bristle length of the brush allows you to colour the nail very precisely close to the cuticle.

Additional information- the special ‘liquid’ formula of the Constance Carroll Pro hybrid nail polish is applied very precisely to the nail. The hybrid enables self- levelling on the nail plate.

Aesthetic qualities- it does not lose its colour or gloss

Safety- the Constance Carroll Pro hybrid nail polish does not press the nail plate, so the design change  can be relatively frequent.

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