Constance Carroll is a British brand of colour cosmetics which aim is to show female beauty. We specialize in products of wide application for every woman regardless of individual preferences.

A woman's face- one of the most important attributes of female beauty, the face shows emotions, our health and reveals many elements related to mental condition. Empirical studies confirm that the woman's face is the most characteristic feature of appearance, which is particularly noteworthy.

Our products: very wide product range, bamboo powder, contouring palettes, make-up bases, concealers, blush, mineral powders and compact powders.

Woman's eyes- an element that emphasizes the unique character of each woman. A properly stylized eye can completely change the look of the entire face and give individual features to each woman. Eye make-up is often prepared for special occasions, celebrations or business meetings. That is why beautiful eyes can turn out to be the greatest asset of any woman regardless of the situation.

Our products: eye pencils, eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows, metallic eye shadows, satin eye shadows, eyeshadow palettes

Woman's lips- here you can write a lot, for most men the lips are the most fascinating part of a woman's face- sexual, sensual and absorbing. Lips are another element that can show the unique character and give your face a sensual shape.

Our products: lipsticks, lip crayons, liquid lipsticks

Woman's hair- long and abundant hair has been ‘trendy’ for ages, regardless of geographic location and culture. Hair gives a unique character to every woman. A properly maintained hairstyle throughout the day is a very difficult task for every woman.

Our products: hairsprays with varying degrees of hairstyle fixation

Woman's nails- properly stylized nails have magical powers and complement the character of every woman, they are often done for special occasions, which is why their appearance, colour and shape.