Constance Carroll is one of the oldest cosmetics brands in the world. The history of our products dates back to 1980. To this day, we have tried to keep the unique value of our products while learning and writing a story of feminine beauty.

Constance Carroll is a brand with British origin. Even today, the majority of products come from Great Britain, that's why you can find royal symbols such as the crown or the London skyline in our products, which are recognized in the farthest corners of the world. Showing the feminine beauty is our greatest value, therefore we strive to meet the most demanding expectations of our users.

Feminine beauty is our greatest inspiration but on the other hand -the biggest challenge. We match and select our products very carefully. On the one hand, we strive for the unique quality of our cosmetics, on the other hand we care about an appropriate and reasonable price. We try to keep this difficult balance also through our marketing efforts.

Very often, before launching new products, we cooperate with our consumers who test and provide us with their feedback: suggestions and ideas. On the basis of all this information, we try to offer the best product and colours that will emphasize feminine beauty.

Help us create feminine beauty. Become a Constance Carroll consumer.


Constance Carroll is a brand of colour cosmetics with a very strong tradition. Through all these years of our activity, we have seen enormous changes in consumer preferences. New products and trends appear every year. Adapting the products to current trends and anticipating what will be fashionable in a given season are certainly important elements.

For us, colour cosmetics are more than just sales statistics. We strive to develop our products through inspiration and the learning we receive from our consumers. Our goods meet all the highest quality standards for this product category. Most of the cosmetics are produced in the UK, which allows us to maintain the same quality around the world. That is why whenever you do meet our cosmetics, regardless of the country where you are, you can be sure that they are of a really high quality.

Constance Carroll is a brand for every woman. A wide range of products, colour palettes and products of special dedication allow you to find your own, unique personality for every woman.

Many women have already found out about our goods. Become our consumer and help us create the women's beauty together. We invite you to an unforgettable journey that never ends.